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We are Param and Shikha, a film-making couple. Shikha directs. Param shoots. Apart from movies and photography, we love travelling, nature, wildlife, great food, culture, interestingness. So its but natural this blog was on our minds, and we finally got around to starting it.

Why are we The Untourists?
Because we love being away from crowds and tourists. So we are always looking for that unknown untouristy place or look for untouristy things to do in a popular place. We like to experience, observe, and explore life through our lens, though cultures unknown to us and through authentic foods that we can’t resist, once served, even for a picture!

You can find some of our advertising work here. Param also blogs on advertising creative here.

We use OpenStreetMaps. Why?

Our cameras are a Nikon D800, a Canon EOS 5D, and a Fujifilm XPro1 for digital. For film, we use a Nikon FM3A, a Nikon FM10 and a Canon A1.

We were recently featured here in the Travel & Living Magazine:

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29 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. These days, it seems I discover a beautiful travel blog every single day. But this is one of the best Indian travel blogs I’ve seen. And I love your photographs. It’s so hard to get good photographs of birds! I’ve found a lot of travel inspiration from your blog.

  2. Hello guys,

    Thanks for dropping by our blog.
    You have an awesome blog here and a great snap on this page as well.

    Are you based out of Mumbai?

    Happy to catch up for a coffee.


    Bindhu & Unny

  3. Amazing blog you people have put up !! Loved it and the way you describe yourself as – “The Untourists”. I am also like you people, travelling and exploring the lesser known places !! All the best to you both ! This is my dream too 🙂

  4. Nice to know you Param and Shikha. Thanks for supporting my travel blogging journey. Wow, what a great blog this is. This is indeed a great find. I will be a regular here. Nice collection. Hope to work with you in the future.

  5. hi… firstly, thanks for liking my north east blog post. I Loved your blog! picture perfect was alleppey!

    perhaps my next jaunt should be in kerala… Keep travelling and capturing moments for mortals like us 🙂

    In case you are looking for a offbeat devotional meets hippie culture type of place, check gokarna, murdeshwara and idgunji in coastal karnataka.. i have a blog post dedicated to it as well.


  6. Choosing unpopular, uncrowded places seems like one of the best mentalities for tourism in my opinion.
    Alternatively, visiting popular destinations during low season is also a good idea.

    Generally, quiet places make a trip more enjoyable!


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