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  1. Hey Explorers, I am planning my trip to Hampi, Karnataka alone. Any needy suggestions to be given who has been there before.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    I’m planning a road trip to Coorg with my family and chanced upon this site ( . Loved the route you guys have taken. However, since I’m travelling with my family (wife and 2 kids, aged lesser than 11), I would like to know the following:
    1. The time and distance from Belgaum to Karwar via NH4A – SH34 and then to Udupi (Stay at Kediyoor Hotel) via NH17.
    2. The time and distance from Udupi – Mangalore – Madikeri.
    The kids are excited, however, the concern is that we want to go via Anshi National Park and follow the route you have taken. We want to explore this route to the max, provided it is comfortable for the kids. The time that we have in hand is from 08th November, when we start from Mumbai, till 17th November when we schedule to reach Mumbai, back to work the next day 🙁 Please let me know how we can plan about.

    • Hi Daniel. To answer your questions:

      1) should take around 5 hours. The distance is around 178 kms.
      2) Udupi – Mangalore – Madikeri is roughly 190 km and should take you 4 hours of reasonable driving.

      For driving from Mumbai, we prefer to sleep over in Belgaum the first night and leave for Karwar early morning. This way you pass the forest in daylight. Avoid driving through any forest after dark. Make sure your car is full of supplies, have ample fuel, the types are ok before driving into Anshi. Do not stop and get out of your car I the forest stretch at any cost. The roads inside Anshi are very bad, but that’s ok, since it’s a forest. This trench will slow you down.

      For Udupi to Madikeri should take you around 4 hours. NH17 may slow you down in places. Add another hour or so for sight seeing on the way. We like to stop often for local food, pictures and great views.

      This whole journey is very beautiful and if you sleep over at Belgaum and then Udupi, it’s a comfortable journey for just about anyone. We never drive after sunset. Make sure you carry motion sickness pills with you for the kids, especially for the ghats.

      If you leave Mumbai on the early morning of the 8th, you should reach Madikeri on the 10th afternoon. Enjoy your journey and have a great time! Madikeri is great for food too!

  3. Hey there,

    I’m an independent filmmaker looking for some old bungalows in Maharashtra. Your blog post on Jambhulpada drew me in. And I was wondering if you could recommend any such places that you might have come across in your travels.

    It would be great if you could please help me out here.


      • Hello Sir
        First i say tankfuls you as you don’t know but your picture help me a lot about our ancient culture . i would like to contact you regarding lonar if you have more picture can you pl send me or send me detail i want to know more bout near by that area pl send me the picture what ever you have for lonar

  4. Hello sir I have been to todgarh but was a very short visit I was just left amazed by the rich flaura and fauna plz share gopal ji’s contact details or the details of the forest guest house

  5. Hi I plan to start trekking with my daughter who is 5. We are from mumbai have done small trails at National Park. I am quite keen to go to prabalmachi with her. Let me know stay arrangements there

  6. Hi Param and Shikha,

    We are a 46 year young energetic car rental company having presence in 72 locations across INDIA . We would be more than happy to partner with your organisation for all car rental needs.

    I look forward to a tie up mutually beneficial for both of us.

  7. Dear Param and Shikha,

    I’m a biologist based in Boston, USA, and I study fireflies. My book, Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies, explores the wonder & science of these amazing creatures. I recently read & really enjoyed your blogpost about seeing the monsoon fireflies in Purushwadi – wonderful writing!

    Could I share your story – with credit & links, of course – on my firefly blog?

    With all best wishes & many thanks for considering this request!

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  9. Couple of days back on RadioOne, you had mentioned of few places that are a must visit in Rajasthan and NorthEast. As well of some oasis, palace in Rajasthan Jungles. Could please help me with locations and along with your recommendations for myself.

  10. Hello Guys,
    I just went through your article on Lonar Crater Lake.
    Going there on 24th August long weekend. Would highly appreciate if you could provide me with the contact details of your guide Ramesh and the MTDC Guest House for booking.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. P, S,

    This is a request to allow the use of the ‘todday’ shop photo you had in one of your blog posts (, in the design of our high school reunion t-shirt. It is hilarious and perfectly fits the caption i have in mind. I would be much obliged if you could respond via email at your earliest convenience, so that i can either proceed with the use of the image or look for alternatives, in time for our reunion, depending on whether i have your consent or not.

    Thanks, and keep posting,

  12. Hi there,

    We at really enjoy the content of your blog and we feel that it would be useful to our members. We are hoping that with your permission, we could publish it on our site and of course all credits and links back to your site will be added.
    Thanks in advance.
    The Team at

    • Hi Vijaya, we couldn’t find any home stay so we stayed at MTDC which was actually quite nice. Even now I don’t think there is anything.


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