North East India Food in Mumbai : Finally

Often called the ‘melting pot’ of Indian cultures and cuisines, Mumbai never really had a North East India food scene. Until now. The North East of India has a super vibrant culture, languages, textiles, art and a food scene. Now we can explore a part of the food scene, with some amazing north east dishes, right here in Mumbai. And no, it is not just about Momos.

Someone pointed us to Thotrin Cafe, specialising in food from Manipur. In the lanes of Kalina (or Santa Cruz East), Thotrin is an unassuming restaurant with a delicious and unique food. Explore dishes based on what fancies you. We love everything with some bamboo shoot as it is a flavour very new to us. The greens are also rich and healthy.

Thotrin Cafe, Mumbai
In the bylanes of Kalina, Mumbai, lies Thotrin Cafe with food from Manipur.
Thotrin Cafe, Mumbai
Try almost anything at Thorin Cafe, Mumbai and you won’t be disappointed.
Some of the food we had at Thotrin Cafe. Believe me, we highly recommend this place.
North East Groceries
One of the benefits of going to Thotrin is this shop, North East Groceries. You can pick herbs and spices from the North East of India for home cooking.
Sinlung Store
Also, near Thotrin Cafe is Sinlung Store. Buy your North east stuff from here as well.

Coming towards Andheri West is Naga Belly, on JP Road very close to Kamdhenu. A tiny place, they have only 3 tables (if I remember correctly), Naga Belly has a distinctly clean and upmarket ambience. And the food is to die for. Simple and flavourful, we loved the Pork in Bamboo Shoots and the Naga Style Fish Thali.

Naga Belly, Andheri West
Purple Rice and regular rice at Naga Belly in Andheri West, Mumbai
Naga Belly, Andheri West
I loved my Pork in Bamboo Shoots at Naga Belly.

Come closer towards Versova, and almost opposite Tanjore Tiffin House is the brand new North east Kitchen. Started by a young man from Assam, it has an extensive menu, but if unsure, you could try a Naga Thali or an Assamese Thali or a Manipuri Thali, each with your choice of meat. Their momos are amongst the best we have had and their prices are also decent.

North east Kitchen, Andheri West
Naga Fish Thali at North east Kitchen, Andheri West
North east Kitchen, Andheri West
Fish in the Naga Fish Thali at Nort East Kitchen, Andheri West

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  1. I have never tried dishes from this part of India, and I do wonder if there are similarities with the food one can find in Bhutan and Myanmar, which I thoroughly enjoyed during my travels there.


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