Manali – Rohtang Pass in October

Late October isn’t the ‘touristy’ time to visit Kullu Manali, and that’s the very reason we decided to make it. After all, we had to see Rohtang Pass at least once in our lives.

We found it a wee bit difficult to get a taxi to take us from the hotel in Manali to Rotang Pass because of the rain like weather. Finally one Indigo cab agreed to go. Since this was off-season, the road was free of traffic. The poplars had begun to change their colour and the weather was awesome.

Chir Pines in Kullu Manali
Gorgeous Pine forests bask in the warm sun.
Road To Kullu Manali
Approaching Manali, the Dhabas (road-side eateries) are funnily named in numbers. ‘It’s easier for the bus and truck drivers to remember’, says one Dhaba owner. The food is amazing.
Beas River in Manali
The road to Manali chugs along the beautiful river Beas.
Himalayas in Manali
View on the way to Rohtang Pass from Manali.
Road To Rohtang Pass
On the way to Rohtang Pass from Manali, best experienced in an off-tourist season. October seemed ideal. The leaves were turning colour, and the weather was just perfect.
Road To Rohtang Pass
The poplars, pines and other trees change colours making the landscape breath taking. Late October on the way to Rohtang Pass from Manali.
Prayer Flags in Manali
Prayer flags and the mighty Himalayas along the road to Rohtang Pass.
Horsess Grazing in Manali
Ponies graze away in the Himalayan meadows. These will be used for carrying tourists, come the season.
Man From Kullu Manali
Tea and Maggi with local farmers at a ‘tapri’ en route to Rohtang Pass.
Tractor in Kullu Manali
A farmer parks his HMT Tractor to take a tea break.
Man in Tent in Kullu Manali
We stopped at this shop for some Maggi and Chai. Shot on Kodak consumer negative.
On The Way to Rohtang Pass
Once handsome trees, Pines lopped by pastoral tribes to feed their livestock. The trees, bereft of a healthy leaf spread, will eventually die.
Silhouette Near Rohtang pass
Rain clouds begun collecting and our driver wanted to turn back. We coaxed him to take us at least till Rohtang Pass and then turn. Shot on Kodak consumer negative.
Workers Keeping Warm in Rohtang Pass
Road workers near Rohtang Pass surround the flickering warmth of a tiny fire. It had begun to rain and snow a bit.
Himalayas in Rohtang pass
At the Rohtang Pass. There is something about the mighty Himalayas that seems to attract the soul. Pictures will never do justice to the feeling of being there amongst them.

[box type=”success” width=”100%” ]How to reach: Manali has a tiny airport at Kullu. Check before hand if it’s functional when you want to land. Else it’s a drive from Amritsar, Kapurthala, Chandigarh or Delhi. Where to stay: We didn’t quite like Manali town so stayed at Katrain on a tree house inside Apple orchards. Haven’t spent enough time in Manali to find a quaint place for a stay.[/box]

6 thoughts on “Manali – Rohtang Pass in October”

  1. These are so stunning pictures. I have been to Manali a couple of times, recent one in 2009 but couldn’t visit Rohtang because of traffic jam….maybe next time.

  2. hmmm…Rohtang Pass… I could see your soul’s experience out here… well heart warming account indeed of going to see Rohtang Pass off season with some difficulties that included finding driver, rain coaxing him to go till that pass and turn back(: … I do have a bucket list of treking to Himalayas sometime in lifetime and almost I did want to put this to my wish list seeing the Rohtang pass… I can truely see how worth it the quest to see it must have been and I don’t think your photos can compensate for really being there!! … I wonder weather that dabha will serve maggi still as it is banned, maybe it will serve momoes instead…the yummy delicious food of the funny named dhabas too is very much attractive for me reading your blog. Wonder why you did not like the Manali town?…had nothing you can do there or how?…

  3. Hi Maria, we do have a Facebook page.
    As for Manali, it’s extremely congested, just like any other town in India. We prefer a quieter places 🙂


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