Road Tripping in Maharashtra

A drive through our rural areas is always a breathtaking travel.

Rural Maharashtra is so so beautiful, I hope and prey that the natural beauty is retained forever...
Rural Maharashtra is spectacularly beautiful to travel . But with the rapid ‘growth’, this natural beauty is being lost forever.
Mother and daughter step out to fetch water, often from very far away, in the dry heat of Maharashtra.
Gulmohar (Delonix regia), bursts into bright flames of red in the summer heat
A farm in the banks of a lake at Pimpalgaon Joga
At Murud Janjira, and other great place to travel. The Nawab’s Palace is on the right. Straight ahead is the Arabean Sea.
Somewhere on the way to Bhandardara.
Drive through Khodala...
A drive through Maharashtra’s rural areas is always rewarding.
Delicious Fish Thali Meal in Maharashtra
Delicious Fish Thali Meal in Maharashtra
Vegetarian Thali Maharashtra
Or a nice vegetarian Thali…
Chicken Thali in Maharashtra
A delicious Chicken Thali…

There are plenty of weekend getaways to travel around Mumbai and Pune. Be an environmentally responsible traveler and enjoy these drives while they last!

This delicious chicken thali is from the small town of Bhor…
This fish thali was from Bhor as well…
This super delicious Fish Thali and Vegetarian Thali was had somewhere 2 hours away from Pune in a village. The rice was so flavourful. The simple methi saag, tuher dal and thechcha (garlic and chillie chutney) made both the thalis worth it.
The awesome Sahyadri Mountains. Do everything you can to protect these wonderful monuments…
Sahyadri Mountains
The beautiful Sahyadri Mountains are a divine place to visit. They should be declared Sacred Mountains.
There are plenty of old beautiful stone carved temples all across Maharashtra. Road tripping in Maharashtra is a great way to discover them.

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