Stuttgart : Not Just The Home Of Mercedes Benz And Porsche

Ok, so it’s a fact that Stuttgart is a home to Mercedes Benz and also to Porsche. Stuttgart is the capital of the German state of Baden-Württenberg, and large German auto companies like Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bosch etc have their headquarters here. It is for this reason most people associate this city with industry and work. Which is true. But there is a lot to see in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is a very stately city, the largest in the state of Baden-Württenberg. It has a very aristocratic past and even now the city retains its charms and a strong culture.

Lying on the banks of the Neckar River, Stuttgart is a beautiful valley area which has always been important for its rich and fertile soil and excellent location. The Romans had captured this area and in around 83 AD, built a massive fortified camp nearby which ensured this place remained important for many years. In around the 10th century, Liudolf, the Duke Of Swabia, started his stud farms here. The name of the city (Stuttgart) itself comes from the old German word stuotgarten which means Stud Farm.

Stuttgart has been home to many Counts, Dukes and other aristocrats. The city has plenty of old castles, monuments, parks and buildings that remind us of this era. Add to it plenty of eateries, nightclubs and a film festival scene, plus the access to the Black Forest make Stuttgart an interesting destination.

Stuttgart is bristling with culture. The Metropol Theatre here hosts the annual The Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart.
Epitaph Stuttgart 1562
“Christoph empfängt Kaiser Maximillian den Zweiten vor den Thoren Stuttgart’s 1562” roughly “Christoph receives Emperor Maximilian the Second at the gates of Stuttgart in 1562”
Schlossplatz Stuttgart
At the Schlossplatz, Stuttgart, looking at the Nueus Schloss or the New Castle. The Plaza around the New Castle in Stuttgart is abuzz and a great place to eat out, hang out or just chill.
Stuttgart Lane
Along the magnificent Castles one comes across modern architecture like this in Stuttgart.
Schlossplatz, Stuttgart
The Schlossplatz, Stuttgart has plenty of eat out and shopping options.
Carls Brauhaus
Carls Brauhaus is an iconic restaurant near the Schlossplatz for trying local Swabian Food.
Ravioli at Carls Brauhaus
At the Carls Brauhaus, I tried the maultaschen or the ravioli. Its a special kind of Ravioli, which seems to be made of spinach but hidden inside is a generous portion of meat. I was told it was invented by certain monks so as to keep their eating their meats during Lent. This was a delicious order.
Electric Touring Motorcycle
I was fascinated to see this Zero DS Electric Touring Motorcycle in Stuttgart. The battery says ‘5 Years’ Warranty’
Electric Car Charging
Stuttgart is a city steeped in culture and history yet very forward looking into the future. I was so thrilled to see many electric vehicles, including this Smart Car charging near me.
Schillersplatz, Stuttsgart
At the Schillersplatz, (or Schiller Plaza) Stuttsgart. This is a buzzing market place with farmers market happening frequently. This plaza even has a Tesla Showroom. In the background one can see the clock towers of the Stiftskirsche, or the Collegiate Church.
markthalle stuttgart
The Markthalle, Stuttgart. You can spend entire days here shopping for gourmet stuff.
Stiftskirsche, Stuttgart
Inside the Stiftskirsche, or the Collegiate Church, Stuttgart. A beautiful building, the exterior is Romanesque/Gothic, and the interior has a touch of modern with Protestant influence.
Inside Stiftskirsche, Stuttgart
Inside Stiftskirsche, Stuttgart. The beautiful interiors, don’t miss the Church Organ.
Farmers MArket
At the Farmers’ Market outside Markthalle, Stuttgart

There is plenty to do this in wonderful city. Head over to the Staatsgallerie Stuttgart, which is the State Gallery for art and cultural exhibitions. The Schlossplatz, or the Castle Plaza is a vibrant town square with art galleries, movie theatres, cafes, restaurants, lawns to lounge in and plenty of shopping. Come December and the place doubles its buzz with the vibrant Christmas Market. The Neues Schloss or the New Castle is an awesome building and some of it is open to the public. The Schlossplatz also has the Kunstmuseum, or the Art Museum. There is always an exciting art show happening here…

The Schlossgarten is a gorgeous garden around a castle, and worth a visit. The Stiftskirche Church at Innenstadt is a beautiful old building worth seeing. The Linden Museum has a fantastic collection of artefacts from all over the world. The Markthalle in the centre of the city was built in 1914, and a must visit, not only for the heritage but also for all the wonderful stiff you can buy here. Outside the Markthalle on certain mornings, find the Farmer’s Market selling fresh produce.

And then of course, there is the Mercedes Benz Museum. Its definitely worth a visit. They have such a big collection that it cannot be displayed at once, so the collection changes over time. Do also check out the Porsche Museum. Both are easy to access via the Metro.

TIP: When visiting Stuttgart, do head over to Esslingen, a beautiful beautiful little village-town nearby. Traces of human dwelling from the Neolithic era have been found at Esslingen so you know its pretty old. And beautiful.

Not far from Stuttgart, this lovely little town of Esslingen is a must visit.

TIP: When visiting Stuttgart do take time out to also visit nearby Ludwigsberg. The town was founded in around 1704 by Eberhard Louis, Duke of Württenberg. The palace at Ludwigsberg is one of the largest Baroque Palaces in Europe. It has a fabulous University, a film school and a school of performing arts.

The Baroque Palace of Ludwigsberg

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  1. I’ve never been to Stuttgart, but these photos make me miss Germany so much. The only place in Baden-Württenberg that I have visited is Heidelberg, which back in 2007 was already quite busy with tourists.


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