Anegundi Village : Visiting Hampi

When visiting Hampi, we chose to stay at a quaint village across the Tungabhadra, called Anegundi. The village, also called Kishkinda, itself is older than the Hampi monuments. You need at least two days to see this village.

Lots of people stay at Hippy Island in Hampi, but frankly we didn’t like the place. It’s dirty and lacks any local culture and flavour. You have to visit Hippy Island via a small Coracle Ride across the river.

A little about Anegundi in Hampi:

Anegundi was previously known as Kishkinda. It is older than Hampi and is located on the North Bank of the Tungabhadra River. You cross the river to go to Hampi, so for your visit to Hampi, Anegundi is a good choice to stay. Amongst its old monuments, the Huchappayana Matha Temple, the Ranganatha Temple, the old ruins of Aramane Palace etc are worth visiting. Interestingly Anegundi is also one of the oldest Plateaus on Earth, at an estimated 3000 million years of age. There are remains of ancient Neolithic civilisations nearby.

But all this aside, this beautiful and simple village was reason enough for us to visit it.

Chariot in Anegundi
An old chariot in Anegundi village square used in religious and festival proceedings of Lord Ranganath.
Monument in Anegundi
An old Monument in Anegundi, the Gagan Mahal, under repair works by the INTACH team. It is believed to have been constructed in the 16th century by kings of the Vijayanagar Empire. It is also known as the ‘Old Palace’.
Banana Fiber Factory
This lovely factor in Anegundi makes handicrafts from Banana and Water Hyacinth fibre.
Old Tree in Anegundi
Sine Anegundi is an old village, expect to see some gorgeous old trees like this one.
House in Anegundi
A beautiful old house in Anegundi
Hippy Island Hampi
We were put off by the filth on Hippy Island. And the constant smell of pot.
Cafe in Hippy Island Hampi
Most places in Hippy Island Hampi are like typical Goan shacks and serve an eclectic menu of pidgin continental. Do not expect to find local food here.

Hampi Bridge
Since we drove to Hampi, and Anegundi is across the river from the monuments, we had to cross this beautiful bridge twice everyday.
Thali meal in Anegundi, Hampi
A classic thali meal at a village home made our day. Such delicious food, home made with love.
Uramma Heritage Homes
We stayed at the lovely Uramma Heritage Home Cottages in Anegundi. Very tastefully done, and fantastic food.
The Kishkinda Trust
The Kishkinda Trust runs many programs to benefit the local people, including factories for handicraft.
A typical house in Anegundi. Love these old style houses with a little verandah to help cool the air before it enters the rooms. Hampi can get very hot in the summers.

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  1. I remember when my friend and I were in Hampi, to get to the other side of the river we had to take a boat. I didn’t know that there’s a bridge — but I should’ve expected that actually since transportation between both sides of the river would have been a lot harder without the bridge. Hampi itself is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve ever been to, but that much amount of trash on Hippy Island should be a major concern for the local authority.


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