A visit to a tribal school

These images are from a visit to a rural school, sometime in September 2008. The school is supported by the Impact India Foundation, which also runs the incredible LifeLine Express, a hospital in a train.

A village tribal school.
A village tribal school.


School bags. Note the reference to the 'LifeLine Express'.
School bags. Note the reference to the ‘LifeLine Express’.


Schools like these are very important for remote villages which otherwise don’t even have a few hours of electricity a day.
school chilkdren
Given the right environment, children love to go to school, learn new things and make new friends.


A typical village classroom.


We found one cause of school dropouts was no electricity. Students would get a headache trying to read in a poorly lit classroom.

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    • True. Our solution was to replace some of the ceiling terracota tiles with frosted/clear glass ones, to enable daylight to come in.


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