Eat Out Mumbai : Sneha

Sneha is an amazing place for a good Malayalam meal. Cant say how authentic it is, but seems to be the best place for that food in Mumbai. Do try the beef-fry with parotta and the fish thali. Its in Mahim, Mumbai, opposite Paradise Cinema. Ask for their desserts. Either the payasam or Ela Ada (which is a rice dosa/pancake kind of thing stuffed with coconut and jaggery/sugar mix, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. Awesome!

Malayalam beef fry with parotta


The awesome fish thali




2 thoughts on “Eat Out Mumbai : Sneha”

  1. Wow wonderful. Not a Non veg eater, if this place serves good Veggie Malayam food- wud love to try it. Does it also serve Onam Sadhya during festives?

    Glad to see your post dedicated to food. I recently visited Srirangam and my blogpost starts with the food I relished there. Good to see, I’m not the only one, giving so much importance to food.


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