Khem Villas : A Luxury Stay In Ranthambhore

For us, forests are not just about sighting tigers. They are also about the beautiful trees, the grasses, the birds, the reptiles, other mammals… and of course being in touch with the forest itself. Not many places allow this, while giving you the comfort and good food you need.

Khem Villas in Ranthambhore National Park is one of a kind. With enough forested walks inside the property, you don’t miss going out to the forests. Sit by the water bodies and watch the resident wild crocodiles bask in the sun. Or go for your morning walks and find munias and parakeets feeding on grass seeds, and partridges calling at sunset. Sometimes, we have run into a family of Wild Boars or a Nilgai or even more…(make sure you always walk with the resident naturalist). Hang out at the bonfire by the pond in the evening, sipping your drink and watching the stars through the spotting scope. The large dining area (which serves excellent vegetarian food) is the perfect place to meet travellers and share stories of the jungles. We love jungles and absolutely love the Khem Villas.

Do take some time out and visit the old city of Sawai Madhopur as well. With plenty of history, you will find fascinating old architecture and of course, some of the best kachoris and jalebis.

Khem Villas dining area
The large dining area at Khem Villas serves excellent vegetarian only food and conversations.
The drive from its gate to the parking area is this wonderful bamboo lined tunnel.
Khem Villas Walk
One of the many walks inside Khem Villas. Remember, do not walk alone, always take a resident Naturalist with you.
Swing at Khem Villas
Sit on the swing by the pool and lazily watch the wild crocodiles bask in the sun…
Another walk in Khem Villas
Or take yet another walk next to the grasses…
Khem Villas Grasses.
There ware these wild grasses everywhere. If you are observant you can watch many birds and animals here itself.
Khem Villas Lobby
The lobby of Khem Villas. Note the Indian Grey Langurs on the Terrace.
Khem Villas Bar
The fabulous seating by the pond, where you sit by a fire at night, nurse your drink and watch the stars…
Khem Villas Relax
There are many places in Khem Villas where you can lazily bask in the sun or in the cool shade…
Walk inside Khem Villas
And then yet another walk inside Khem Villas
Khem Villas Terrace Seating
Or just sit and have a drink, or chai…
tents inside Khem Villas
The tasteful made tents are separated from each other by enough wilderness
Panorama of Sawai Madhopur
From the terrace of the village school, a panoramic shot of Sawai Madhopur.
Sawai Madhopur Temple
The old town of Sawai Madhopur has its own interesting relics, temples and havelis.
Temple in Sawai Madhopur
We discovered this stunning old temple inn Sawai Madhopur


10 thoughts on “Khem Villas : A Luxury Stay In Ranthambhore”

  1. Amazing clicks 🙂 Paramvir. I like your photography skills and photos captured by you.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. The Ranthambhore National Park is my dream destination which I soon plan to cross off my bucket list, Param and Shikha. When there, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay at this mesmerizing villa. Thanks for the recommendation. How many days would be enough to explore this park?

    • Hi Lydia. The National park has about 10 entrances. You can explore each of them or choose to explore only a few. But do not go in wishing to see a Tiger. That’s unpredictable. The journey into the forests itself is the destination.


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