Road Tripping To Ratnagiri

I have been forever wanting to road trip to Ratnagiri, but not use the regular NH66/Goa Highway. So when the chance came to go visiting a friend in their village home, I jumped on the chance and drew up an alternate route, which passed through rural landscapes, along the Arabian Sea, having to  cross creeks with your car in a ferry, and then more rural and sea-side roads.

We stayed at a friend’s village home, ate village food, walked in the farms and went to visit the Ratnagiri Fort.  We climbed down the fort at the sea side, and lazed for hours on the rocks watching crabs and dolphins. This trip is incomplete. I am going back…


The tomb of Sidi Surul Khan, who was chief of Janjira State from 1707 to 1734
Tomb of Sidi Kasim
One of the two smaller tombs is that of Sidi Kasim, commonly known as Yakut Khan, who was in command of Janjira (1670–1677), and again in (1696–1707). The other small tomb is of his brother Khairiyat Khan, who was in command of Danda–Rajpuri (1670–1677) and of Janjira (1677–1696).
Ferry across creek
One of the four times we had to ferry the car and us across the creek in this route. This is the ferry from Agardanda to Dighi.
Somewhere in this creek, while waiting for the car, I was spotting the many waders.
Countryside roads in Konkan Maharashtra
Countryside roads like these make my day…
Cars in queue for ferry.
Keeping the cars ready to exit…
ferry arriving.
Ah… there she arrives, the ferry that shall take us across.
River in Maharashtra
Gorgeous ghats and rivers throughout this route.
Stream near Malgund.
Closer to Malgund…
Woman in Malgund Village
This is the village of Malgund where we stayed. Wake up early in the morning to experience how life wakes up in the villages.
Bridge on Creek
A drive towards Ganapatiphule across yet another creek.
Ratnagiri Fort
We took a morning off to visit the Ratnagiri Fort
Ratnagiri Fort
Beautiful arched door leads you inside…
Ratnagiri Fort
What remains of the fort..
Ratnagiri Fort
The once great fort of Ratnagiri against an ugly industrial backdrop.
Arabian Sea
The Arabian Sea as seen from Ratnagiri Fort
Ratnagiri Fort
Over a period of time the roof seems to have caved in and disappeared. But you can see how magnificent the Ratnagiri Fort must have been.
Ratnagiri sea front
We climbed down the other side to sit and do nothing at this part of Ratnagiri Fort, watching the sea lazily and the many crabs and waders here.
Ratnagiri Sea Front
In that sea in front we watched dolphins happily swimming and playing…
Drive to Ganapatiphule
The drive to Ganapatiphuley has these magnificent views…
Grasslands in Ratnagiri
The drive back through the grasslands on the plateau. Wish I could camp here overnight…
Ratnagiri Landscape
Absolutely love that landscape…
Wonderful forests near TRatnagiri
Somewhere in the ghats near the Chandoli National Park area…
State Highway near Ratnagiri
This state highway skims the edges of cliffs along the way…
Panorama shot of forests near Ratnagiri
Deserves a good Panorama shot…
Wildflowers in Maharashtra
What’s great about road trips is you get to see much more than just your destination. Like stopping to admire these lovely wildflowers…


21 thoughts on “Road Tripping To Ratnagiri”

  1. I haven’t heard about Ratnagiri until now but the place seems like a great road trip destination! Your pictures whetted my appetite and I can’t wait to explore this place!

  2. What a beautiful road trip it is . You mentioned a name from Janjira estate , I think Janjira is some Kilometers ahead from Ratnagiri ? I would appreciate and would love to be with you if you plan for a whole trip from Mumbai to Goa .

  3. I liked the way you tried the alternate route to visit Ratnagiri. Any interior routes in Konkan will take you close to sea facing villages, river crossings and beautiful landscapes. That’s the beauty of coastal routes. I enjoyed reading your post with beautiful photos Thanks for sharing Paramvir

  4. I had never heard of Ratnagiri before, but after a quick look at Wikipedia it looks like a place I would really enjoy. Thanks for introducing this lesser-known part of India! Speaking of road trips, it really is among the best ways to travel and explore a place as we have the liberty to stop at anytime we want and take as many photos as our cameras allow. Sublime photos of the road to Ratnagiri! I really like the way you captured the fort, the landscape and the village. So beautiful!

  5. I have been to vijaydurg fort by train from delhi to ratnagiri for three times. It was wonderful enignatic and pristine especially when trvel in july. The whole history of the konkan will weep on your palm. Blasts of wind and the sublime murmur of the rolling sea waves. Thank u l. Next yime i will take the ferry roads. From where u started ur journey


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