A Brief Visit to Lucerne and Safenwil : Part II : Safenwil

It’s not often that one gets to visit a typical village in a different country, so while visiting Lucerne when a friend invited to his village of Safenwil, we were more than delighted.

A tiny village/town, the first settlement here was in the Roman era. This village has old rock carvings, The Eberkopf (Boar’s head), dating back to 893 AD.

We reached Safenwil on a rainy, sleepy day, and easily located our friend. It was already lunch time and we were famished from the morning walks in the meadows around Lucerne. So we headed out for a classic Swiss lunch at Gasthof St. Urs und Viktor, Urs Schwander. A not-very-small restaurant in the village, we weren’t sure what to order. So the friend and the restaurant staff helped us choose a menu as Swiss as possible.

After lunch we headed out to the woods behind the village. Although it was cold and drizzling, the thick canopy in the forest enabled us to keep walking until we reached a small man made canopied clearing, complete with a picnic table. The surrounding natural rocks have old carvings, perhaps from the era of the world wars…

Our small half a day trip to Safenwil was coming to an end as we had a long drive ahead to Paris. Bidding goodbye to our friend, we moved on, with the resolution to come back to Switzerland with more time.

Drive to Safenwil from Lucerne
The drive to Safenwil through gorgeous Swiss villages…
Gasthof St. Urs und Viktor, Urs Schwander
At the Gasthof St. Urs und Viktor, Urs Schwander
Hurlimann Menu
Checking out the menu at Hurlimann
A warm and cozy restaurant on a cold wet day.
Soup and Salad
And a comforting cup of soup with salad to begin lunch…
Blueberry Stuffed Roast Pork with Rösti (Swiss style baked potatoes)
Blueberry Stuffed Roast Pork with Rösti (Swiss style baked potatoes)
Soon we stepped out to see the village and go for a walk in the woods…
Safenwil Woods
The woods in Safenwill were lush green in the rains…
Leaves dripping with fresh rain
Leaves were fresh and dripping with water…
Picnic table in Safenwil woods
At the end of the small trek, a picnic table awaits us
The beautiful Swiss woods at Safenwil
We pause to take a look at the woods…
rock carvings in Safenwil woods
And the rocks have the carvings. From when? They don’t look very old..
Daffodil in Safenwil
Daffodil in the meadows…
Wildflower in Safenwil
A wildflower in Safenwil
Butterfly on wildflower in Safenwil
Despite the rain, a Butterfly’s gotta do what a Butterfly’s gotta do…
Soon we start heading back, since we have a long drive back to Paris
But the images of these woods are entrenched in our minds, the rock carvings of people and lions…
Rock carving of flower vase in Safenwil
And flower vases…


Leaving Safenwil
It was time to say good bye to Safenwil and head back to Paris…
Swiss Countryside
And passing through beautiful Swiss countryside.

When to visit Safenwil: Summers would be a good time to visit. If you want to visit for Winter season, try January- February. April-May is low season, as the snow is melting, it’s generally slightly wet too. July/August is summers and high season again. October is low season and December is Christmas!

Where to stay in Safenwil: Safenwil has some very beautiful quaint hotels, as well as an affordable youth hostel, The Zofingen.

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  1. Wow! Both Lucerne and Safenwil look very charming and worth exploring places. Although this is the first time I am hearing about them, I would love to explore them! Is there a goo accommodation in Lucerne?

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