19 Things to pack for the road beyond what you have already.

From our many road trips, totalling over 60,000 km, we have realised that apart from the regular stuff that we pack (clothes, toiletries etc) we also need ensure we pack the following in the car:

1. Extra t-shirts, beyond what you have packed in case you decide to extend your stay or if you get majorly sweaty or wet.

2. Extra underwear and socks for the above reason.

3. Any essential medication you may be on, for example Thyroid, and or your doctor’s advised medication for stomach upsets and headaches etc.

4. A hiking stick. Its very useful on long hikes and climbs.

5. A basic first-aid kit.

6. Glucose (Glucon-D) packets for oral rehydration therapy. These can be very useful after an exhausting hike in the heat.

7. Mosquito repellant creams.

8. Hand sanitisers.

9. Water. At least 2 litres per head. Preferably in reusable insulated bottles to keep water temperature in control when your car is parked in the mid-day heat of an India summer.

10. A small flash-light.

11. A Swiss Army Knife or equivalent.

12. Small towels.

13. Oat Meal Bars. Many a time its impossible to find something to eat on the road.

14. Toilet rolls. You would be surprised how difficult it may get to find one in a tiny village or town.

15. An internet dongle. In our experience none of our dongles have worked in remote areas, but its still always useful to carry one. If you have a BSNL one, great!

16. Car chargers. Some way to charge all or as many of your gadgets when on the road. You may not get enough electricity later.

17. A matchbox.

18. A few candles.

19. Cash. Most remote fuel stations and hotels will not accept cards. Calculate how much fuel you may need and hotel costs, and be prepared with that much money in cash.


Can you think of a few other items for the list?

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  1. You should also add a multiple plug point device. I don’t know what you call them, but I realised how important it was when I recently stayed somewhere and they had only one plug point. Me and my husband had two phones, two cameras and an iPad to charge!


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