Delhi Gate, Arcot, Tamil Nadu

The great thing about road trips is the wealth of treasure one discovers in this wonderful country of ours. When returning from Puducherry on our Mumbai – Puducherry roadtrip, we similarly chanced upon a monument on the banks of the Palar River.

From the ASI boards we learnt this was the Delhi Gate, at Arcot, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. The gate was part of the fort built by Mughal governor Daud Khan Panni in the first half of the 18th century. It was the site of a memorable defense made by Robert Clive during the Siege of Arcot.

From Wikipedia: The Arcot Fort was part of the famous Battle of Arcot, which led to a British victory. One of the gates of the fort was renamed “Delhi Gate” to signify the beginning of the capture of Delhi. The entrance of the gate was constructed in the style of a Mughal arch. Over the gate is Robert Clive’s room.

The gorgeous monument probably once had gardens around it.
View from the Arcot Kanchipuram Road. The room above the gate belonged to Robert Clive.
The Delhi Gate, Arcot, is a protected monument,
A beautiful tree on the other side of the gate.
The commemorative plaque at the Delhi Gate, dating to 1751.
Delhi Gate, Arcot, as viewed from the side facing the river Palar.
Such wonderful monuments canb be found throughout India, telling us important events in our history.
Delhi Gate, Arcot
Steps leading to Robert Clive’s room at the Delhi Gate, Arcot, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

[box type=”success” width=”100%” ]Delhi Gate at Arcot can be found on the banks of the River Palar, on SH5 Arcot Kanchipuram Road, just before you enter the city of Arcot if coming from the direction of Puducherry. The city has seen a lot of history.[/box]


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  1. I’m residing in Arcot. Have you noticed a small way on the left side of this monument. People residing here says that the way leads to New Delhi. Is it true?


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