Jodhpur : The Blue City

Few cities evoke a colour in mind, like Blue for Jodhpur (the other one which does is Pink for Jaipur, or this awesome pink village in Maharashtra). Jodhpur, a walled city, was the capital of the kingdom of Marwar. The city was built circling the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, built by the King Rao Jodha in around 1460 AD. For some reason, a whole lot of houses in this walled city have been painted blue. Some say it’s because the colour keeps the homes cool in the long hot summers. Some say the founder King Rao Jodha had asked for the houses to be painted blue. Perhaps we will never know.

Nevertheless, it’s a gorgeous city full of architectural joy in its narrow lanes.

When to visit: Summers are killing in their heat, so a good time to visit is the winters. If you are a music buff, tie your visit around end October when the summers are just receding and Fort Mehrangarh becomes host to one of India’s best folk music festivals, the Jodhpur RIFF (Rajasthan International Folk Festival).

Where to stay: When in Jodhpur do try and stay close to the Mehrangarh Fort, inside the Jodhpur Blue City. That’s when you can really soak in the city and all it has to offer. There are plenty of stay options at various price points, and we chose Shahi Guest House.

Where to shop: Sadar Bazaar near Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower is the market area. You can get your textiles, souvenirs, arty stuff, veggies… just about anything.

How to reach: Jodhpur has an airport so you can fly in. It’s also well connected by train and chair cars leave from Jaipur every morning (apart from many other trains). You can also reach Jodhpur by road.

What to eat: Do try the Rajasthani Thali (meal) at Gypsy restaurant, Sardarpura. For a fine dining experience, do have a meal at the Hanwant Mahal Restaurant in the Umaid Bhavan Palace hills. Also try the local Pyaaz Ki Kachauri, Chaach, Lassi, Gatte Ki Subzi, Kadi, Ker Sangri etc. Jodhpur, like most of Rajasthan, is great for food.

Jodhpur Station 2
The Jodhpur Station has a beautiful old world charm.
Jodhpur Station
A clock tower and red sandstone structures at Jodhpur Station prepare you for a town steeped in heritage.

An old steam engine kept for display at the Jodhpur Station. The Badge says ‘Buro Dakovic : Slovankibrod, 1959’.
The dense town of Jodhpur extends as far as the eye can see.
Plenty of heritage buildings amongst the congested alleys of Jodhpur.
Love this vintage window in our hotel.
In the heart of the ‘blue city’, there is plenty of vintage architecture to be oggled at.
The beautiful facade of this building reminds what a gorgeous city this must have been. Surprisingly its not in blue.
Another vintage balcony covered with wondows.
Love that first floor balcony and its wondows. This is very close to our hotel, Shahi Guest House.
The Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower at Jodhpur, which is also a busy market.
Rabri Tea with Kachoris. Jodhpur, like most places in Rajasthan, is great for food.
Love the way the red/brown of Mehrangarh Fort contrasts with the Indigo Blue of this old Haveli.
We stayed at the vintage Shahi Guest House, which was like a tiny oases in the cramped alleys of Jodhpur.
Warm and confortable rooms at Shahi Guest House make you forget about the hustle bustle in the busy narrow lanes outside.
More of beautiful vintage balconies.
Jodhpur House
And some more… There is art everywhere in these narrow lanes.
Jodhpur however can also be very dirty.
Jodhpur City
Mehrangarh Fort towers over the city.


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  1. Just visited Jodhpur a month back….loved the Mehrangarh fort and Mandore Gardens….besides of course, the colorful shopping and culture in the city. Check out some of my Jodhpur pics on my instagram and stay tuned to my blog for a post on my visit as well 😀


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