Siliserh : Off The Beaten Track

In the scenic region of Alwar, tucked away next to the magnificent Sariska National Park, is Lake Siliserh. Since it’s off the main route, many would miss it. There isn’t much here but a beautiful lake surrounded by the forested Aravalli Hills. But perhaps, that itself is everything. The only place to stay here is the RTDC Hotel Siliserh Lake Palace.It is said this Hotel was once a palace built by Raja Vinay Singh in 1845. It has a magnificent view of the lake, which stretches to about 10.5 square kilometers.

Unfortunately we didn’t like the rooms here as they were odd shaped, smelt strongly of paint, and barely had windows. We were on a work trip and chose to stay at nearby city of Alwar instead.

Lake Siliserh
Lake Siliserh is a gorgeous 10 sq Km of beautiful fresh water.
Lake Siliserh
The view from the RTDC Hotel is excellent.
The RTDC Lake Siliserh Palace Hotel. Looks great from the outside and has an excellent location, but when we went, we didn’t like the rooms.

How to reach : Siliserh Lake is 163km from Delhi. It’s 13 km from Alwar Bus Stand and Railway Station. One can reach Alwar from Jaipur or Delhi.

When to visit : As with all of Rajasthan, winters are the best time.
What to do: Walks around the lake, visit to the Sariska National Park.
What to eat : Alwar is famous for it’s milk and milk based sweets. The Alwar Ka Mawa, and Milk Cake is both extremely delicious and very famous.
Where to stay : The RTDC Lake Siliserh is right on the banks of the Lake. We preferred staying inside the town of Alwar though.

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  1. I have been to siliserh lake many years ago when I was a kid. Even then, the upkeep of RTDC property at Siliserh was not good. The Tigers Den at Sariska is much better and more popular. The place looks amazing especially during winters when light is not so harsh.
    Great pictures!

  2. I was there 10 years back. That time the place was not so developed but still the view was awesome, we even spot a croc early morning. This RTDC hotel is an idle destination for anyone looking for a relax time.


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