Alibag, Maharashtra

Alibag is located some 100 ams south of Mumbai. The drive is beautiful. Its become heavily commercialised now with all the real estate going through the roof. These images are from 2006, and I haven’t visited the place since. This trip was right after the monsoons. The landscape would look very different in the summers … Read more Alibag, Maharashtra

Tarapur, Maharashtra

Tarapur is a sleepy little town/village some 45km north of Virar, near Mumbai. These images are from my FTII Diploma Film recce in the summer of 2005. A lot must have changed since then. The town was a narrow road with houses on both sides. Tarapur used to have a prominent Parsi population, which has dwindled since. The town has some very interesting and beautiful old houses. The major occupation at the time was making gold jewellery dies by hand. I had one of the best Parsi meals of my life at the Parsi Dharamshala in Tarapur. During the recce we had literally stayed in a garage kind of place called ‘Master Lodge’, where the bathroom had a water mug with baby scorpions under it. Another place I want to revisit.

Pink Temple in Tarapur, Maharashtra
A lovely pink Temple in Tarapur, Maharashtra
Tarapur, Maharashtra
Horse Cart in Tarapur, Maharashtra
Tarapur, Maharashtra
Lovely old homes in Tarapur, Maharashtra

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