Walwande : A Not So Happy Trip

We had recently visited the village of Walwande near Jawhar in Mahashtra, as part of a Rural Tourism Initiative.

Walwande is a small village on the Jawhar – Vikramgad Road. The primary occupation is agriculture.The land seems fertile, with the monsoons having coloured it green. We had our meals at a local villager’s house, and they were the most delicious meals of this trip. Somehow, home cooked food is so yummy!

Rural Maharashtra
The drive to Walwande from Mumbai taking the NH8 then right through Chiroti Naka goes through some lush farms.

Village Well Maharashtra
Fetching water from the well. I believe the villagers were pouring some chemical in the water to keep it ‘clean’. Phew! They need help!
Walwande Village, Maharashtra
Like most Indian villages, and unlike our towns and cities, Walwande is fairly neat and clean.
Woman in Walwande Village, Maharashtra
Somehow, pink is a favourite colour, even with traditional village women.
Walwande Village, Maharashtra
The village streets are clean and empty. Wish our cities were like this too.
Walwande Village, Maharashtra
Love these kind of villages.
Walwande Village, Maharashtra
Another village lane with resident mother hen and chicks.
Walwande Village, Maharashtra
Masalas drying in the sun.
Walwande Village, Maharashtra
The colour pink is everywhere.
Child in Walwande Village, Maharashtra
A village boy carries vegetables from the farm to his house.


However, what made my stomach turn was the rampant illegal hunting of birds and small animals that happens in this entire belt. Nearly every villager was carrying a catapult, and we saw some point their’s at trees, looking for birds. The whole area, though a possibly rich bird habitat with all the cultivation, water bodies and greenery, didn’t yield any bird spotting. The village didn’t even have crows and mynas, common birds near human settlement. I don’t want to support any place that destroys wild life, and I have been speaking to people to see if we could raise an awareness campaign amongst the locals, trying to wean them away from their illegal habits.

Hunting near Walwande Village, Maharashtra
Almost every villager in this entire area, not just in Walwande, was carrying a catapult. When asked they candidly agreed to hunting birds, and smal lanimals like hares.

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    • Well, they claim they eat the hunted birds and animals. Every villager here seems to own cattle and hens. So apart from the eating bit, it’s probably a hobby.


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