Majestic Aravallis: Road tripping in Rajasthan!

It is a great joy to take a driving holiday. You get to see and experience more of the land. And it is especially exciting when you are driving through Rajasthan.

So we soaked the sun through our winter drive in Rajasthan around the majestic Aravalli Mountains, moving from Uaipur – Deogarh – Todgarh – Kumbalgarh – Udaipur. Silent valleys, bustling streets, tall fortresses, temples and dusty villages filled the scenes, soaking us in the desert country.

The Aravallis are amongst the oldest mountains in the world and are unique in their landscape.

Here are a few nuggets!

Pic 02
How man has chiseled the mountains to make its path. The Katari Ghat’s awesome winding drive.
Pic 03
The snake temples dot the stretch enroute Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary. The priests claim to specialise in taking out the venom should one be bitten by a poisonous snake. of course, you should immediately take the victim to the nearest hospital.
pic 04
The fort wall of Kumbalgarh runs 10kms long enveloping the Arravallis.
pic 05
A villager carries stack of dried Sagwan leaves, crossing a dried river as the sun sets…
The beautiful rolling hills are unfortunately broken with numerous man made boundary walls, each claiming a selfish piece of land, inhibiting the free flow of resident species.
Many hair pin bends like this one make driving through the Katari Ghat an exciting experience. The Arid landscape adds its own charm.
A beautiful tree, one of the few allowed to attain its full growth provides shade to weary travellers.

These hills were ‘aadi – teri’ (or crooked/bent) in Hindi/Rajasthani, Indian phonetics which the British couldn’t pronounce. Hence Adavallis became the Aravallis.

[box type=”success” width=”100%” ]Getting there: The Katari Ghat part of the Aravallis can be reached by taking the NH8 from Udaipur and heading north.Take a left towards Todgarh around Kushalpura. From Todgarh, take the Katari Ghat Road to Dudhaleshwar.[/box]

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