A Charming Cottage Getaway in Goa

As we stay locked at home due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, rekindling memories through old photos is the only way we can travel. And thanks to the many photos we have, plenty of old experiences are revisited.

One such trip was work related, to Goa. After much searching (we wanted to avoid the crowded pubs, disco and party zones, yet stay close to place of work), we chose the Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa. Built as an old Portuguese style Bungalow in 1929, this lovely house is renovated with great care. The moment we stepped inside we were bowled over by the vintage charm, the beautiful warm colours and the wooden furniture.

This charming old house has rooms named after old towns, like Konnagar, Alipore, Madras, Ooty, Ballygunge and Darjeeling. We stayed at Darjeeling, which is an old garage converted into a stay, has a mezzanine floor and its own private garden. Breakfast is served in this gorgeous dining room which has a huge table, kind of reminds me of King Arthur’s Table, this time, a rectangle. On the menu are the regular breads and eggs but also traditional Goan fare like Koiloreo (kind of like rice pancakes).

Vivenda Dos Palhacos is an awesome choice for stay in Goa. We highly recommend it but only after the Corona Virus Pandemic subsides. Please avoid travelling now, not only is it highly risky for you, but also for people you will meet along the way.

Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
Approaching the charming Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
A beautiful Goan-Portuguese Architecture beckons you inside.
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
Complete with gorgeous picket fences around well maintained lawns…
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
And your own sit out places outside your cottage…
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
Gigolo and Kitten complete the charm… but wait, there’s more…
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
The Dining Room. So full of charm, character and heritage. We just loved the dining room!
The lounge is gorgeous too, for those who would want to spend the day here, reading…
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
The Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa is a beautiful old house full of charm and character.
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
The meals were delicious. The breakfast, included in the stay, was very elaborate and we tried so many new things…
These cute balconies around the old bungalow are a delight in the monsoons…
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
The Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa is a place you will want to come back aygain and again to…
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
Since the Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa is an old heritage bungalow, expect to find plenty of vintage stuff inside, like these old candle stand and tableware.
Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa
The approach to Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa is equally lovely, a quaint lane canopied with coconut palms. The lane leads up to Majorda Beach, only a short walk away.
Majorda Beach, Goa
A short from Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa is the Majorda beach, a beautiful clean beach with some fresh streams flowing into the sea.
Pentagon, Goa
And not very far are eateries like Pentagon and Martin’s Corner. The Vivenda Dos Palhacos, Goa is a great choice to stay in every which way.

The Vivenda Dos Palhacos is 30 minutes from Goa Airport. It’s close to Majorda Beach. “To maintain our privacy, we have absolutely no signage up on the main road. The easiest way of finding us is to head for the Majorda Beach Resort. When you get there, turn around and come back to the junction of Beach Street and the main road, where there is a large poster for the Majorda Beach Resort “Where the fun never sets!”. At this junction, with your back to the Majorda Beach Resort, go straight on and take the tiny little first lane on your left, opposite a sign for a little shop on your right called ‘Nel’s Creations’. We are 300 metres down that lane on your left. We are fifty minutes south of Panjim, the capital of Goa.”

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  1. Wow, charming really is the right word to describe this cottage! I would love to stay here because from your photos different parts of this accommodation exude that warmth I usually associate with cozy homes. I will definitely think of this place if I ever get the chance to return to Goa one day.


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