Dhodap Fort : Gorgeous Hills Away From The Crowd

Many a time one wants to get away from the maddening crowds of the city, to reach somewhere serene. Such places are increasingly difficult to find, and we found one by happenstance. About 50km away from Nashik, towards Dhule, there are these beautiful hills which have the Chaturshringi Temple and the Dhodap Fort. This fort, at 1472 meters above sea level, is the second highest hill fort in Maharashtra. We drove till the base village of Dhodambe, and then a tiny hamlet of Kanherwadi  from where a trek takes you to the fort. We didn’t go for the trek, but spent some time in the hamlet and taking walks in the breezy meadows around the hills.

Full of lush old forests, the hills are a treat. I was sad at not having carried my binoculars and long lenses for birding.

We hope these beautiful landscapes remain unspoilt and untouched, for all future generations to enjoy and recharge in.

In the village of Kanherwadi.

A traditional house in the village of Kanherwadi, Maharashtra.
Old houses crumble in Kanherwadi, Maharashtra.
While houses crumble, a motorcycle stands outside. Kanherwadi, Maharashtra.
In the streets of the village of Kanherwadi, Maharashtra.


Every village has a community hall or space. This is the community space or ‘Mangal Karyalay’ of Kanherwadi. This is the space where community events are held.
The beautiful expanse of the hills near Chaturshringi.
The road to Kanherwadi is a treat! I am sure if I waited long enough, I would have spotted some partridges.


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  1. That does look like a great escape from the madding crowds and the maddening noises of the city. Just your account and the pictures seem to take us away from city, for a bit.

    Great find, Param. I’m sure you now want to do that trek, someday.


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