Nashala : A Tiny Village In The Mountains of Himachal Pradesh

There are many, many quaint villages in the Himalayas, and how we wish we could visit as many of them as possible before they get commercially exploited and lose their charm and innocence.

Nashala is one such quaint Himalayan village. Towards the right of Naggar Haveli, a winding 5km road around the hills, and through pine forests lies this gorgeous village, where most of the homes are still traditional in architecture. This sleepy agrarian village was the perfect spot for us to spend a day hanging around, photographing. Stay was in Manali, and all meals at Naggar Castle. Katrain could also be a good place to stay with delicious home cooked meals in your own tree house!

Dhaba on the way to Manali on the Chandigarh – Manali Highway.
Manali Highway Road Construction
The road to Manali is terrible, with construction everywhere. So bad, that I now fear driving to Manali. It was like this earlier last year, and so about 4 years ago.

Katrain Town Market
The crowded markets of Katrain on the road to Manali.
Kaphal Berries.
The delicious Kaphal berries (Myrica esculenta), which grow wild in the forests of the Himalayas. I dint have the heart of eating them, leaving them for the forest wild life.
Manali Hotel
From our hotel in Manali, with a funny name Shobla International, but pretty decent log rooms, and decent food.
Manali Congested.
The city of Manali is fast becoming over congested and just like any other city in the plains. Gone are the charms of a hill station.
Naggar Castle
The Naggar Castle, an old Heritage Hotel, is supposed to have been built around the early 17th Century. It has perhaps the best meals in Manali.
Nashal House
We spot a cute house through the woods in Nashala.
Nashala House
We come closer to discover such a gorgeous home.
Nashala Trail
The trail leading to the village.
Nashala House and farm
Another house with its own grain ripening for harvest.
Nashala houses and mountains.
Traditional homes with the backdrop of the Himalayas.
Nashala House
The sleepy village retains its beautiful traditional architecture.
Nashala House
Another Nashala House with stone tiled roof and wooden walls.
Nashala House
Beautiful snow capped mountains are visible everywhere.
Nashala House
Beautiful first floor balconies like these are quite common place in Nashala
Nashala House
The traditional architecture of logs of Deodar alternating with Himalayan stone seems to be a very good idea.
Nashala Village Temple
The Nashala Village Temple
Nashala House
Most houses store hay, as almost everyone owns cattle.
Nashala House
Lovely alternating wood and stone and balconies above.
Nashala House
A narrow lane leading to other houses in the village.
Nashala wild flower.
Wildflowers flourish and blossom everywhere here.
Nashala loom
Many people in the village own small hand looms and weave their own stoles and shawls.
Nashala House
Gorgeous alleys in the village. Who wouldnt want to live here?
Nashala House
These stone tiles shine with a metallic sheen in the sun, as it plays hide and seek amidst clouds.
Nashala House
Laundry. As urbanisation slowly creeps in, wood and stone has been replaced with brick and mortar, and notice new age clothes give way to traditional dresses.
Nashala House
Lavendar and red. Brick and mortar.
Nashala House
More traditional houses in Nashala.
This is one of the larger homes, perhaps belonging to someone higher up in the wealth ladder. The house is painted with modern colours.

[box type=”success” width=”100%” ]To visit Nashala, one can stay in Kullu, Naggar or Manali. It’s closer to Naggar. The Nagali Castle is a gorgeous place to visit , plus has the best meals around that area.[/box]

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    • I did just for the taste 🙂 but I felt bad eating them because they are from the forest and not the farm. Don’t like the idea of stealing food meant for wildlife…

    • Hi! Nashala doesn’t have a stay option, but it’s barely 5km or so from Naggar Haveli/Castle. There are plenty of stay options at Naggar. The Naggar Haveli also has awesome food.

  1. I have never been to Himanchal and I am just adding on places to my Himanchal Trip list! Nagar Haveli is on my list and guess so is Nashala now specially because of its raw appeal. Lovely pics 🙂

  2. Wow, I love Kaphals. It can be found only at Himalayas and Uttrakhand Jungles in summer season. Its taste is amazing, little sour and sweet. You can use salt with it to make it more tasty.

  3. Awesome clicks,

    I have visited Himachal Pradesh but never heard the beauty about Nashala village but when after reading your post then i want to go there once more. Thanks for sharing an amazing experience of Himachal Pradesh.

  4. Amazing post ever, I ever read… By the way, I love to visit in small villages because that shows the real liveliness of peoples…

  5. I have visited Himachal but never heard about Nashala Village…But after Seen Pics, I really want to visit this place……

  6. Commenting again.

    I visited Nashala village in August 2021 while I was on my way to Jana waterfall. However, I couldn’t reach the waterfall. The way you have captured the village has left me in awe. I didn’t get to explore this village that much.


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