Nighoj Kund : The Natural Potholes

Nighoj is a tiny village between the Kukadi and Ghod rivers, about 90km from Pune. We had read about the naturally made ‘potholes’ in the small gorges of the river Kukadi, called Nighoj Kund, and were very keen to visit it.  We chose to drive from Mumbai via the scenic Malshej Ghat, catching the NH222, crossed Alephata, took a right from Takali Dhokeshwar on SH50, continued tip Kanoor, took a right, drove through rural roads until we reached NH51, continued on that for some time and finally reached Nighoj Village. Just ask anyone for directions to the Nighoj Kund, and they will be able to point.

Geologists say these potholes are the result of a once excessive rainfall in this region, leaving to the huge force of the Kukadi river carrying and swirling boulders amongst these gorges, grinding them into these shapes. Sounds reasonable, and looks gorgeous.

Note: We didn’t find anything to eat at Nighoj. We had lovely kadi-vada though on the NH222.

We went in early monsoons, June 22.

The beautiful drive through Malshej Ghat.
The hills at Malshej Ghat with monsoon clouds enveloping them.
Sunglight and shade.
Sunlight and shade.
Clouds over sugarcane fields near Lenyadri.
We stopped at Bhola Vada Pao Centre for a surprise snack of Kadi Vada. I never knew Kadi was had in traditional Maharashtrian cooking and that too, with vada. This energetic young woman commanded the little ‘cafe’ with much elegance.
The landscape had changed from the wet green to dry and golden by this time, as we approached Ahmadnagar. This highway, the NH222, connects to Ahmadnagar.
The Bhola Vada Pao Centre.
Finally at the Nighoj Kund. The river running through the gorge is Kukadi. The Malganga Temple is visible in the top right.
The Nighoj Kund…
A new suspension bridge has been built over the two banks connecting both the temples.
The walls of the gorge.
The place is unfortunately littered with food plates, human excreta, discarded clothes, what not. Unfortunately, we have treated our rivers like a garbage bin. That’s me in the frame, taking this shot.
A wider view of the Nighoj Kund.
These rock formations are amazing.
Sunlight leaks into a pothole.
This place attracts a lot of tourists, most coming for the Malganga Temple.
I could spend a week here, shooting the amazing rock formations.
Love the colours…
Every pothole has an interesting architecture…
From one pothole into another.
I wonder how many years it took for this formation to take place. And I wonder how many years will it last now…
On the way back we stopped by to shoot this little dam/weir on the Ghod river. The breeze was strong enough to shake the camera. I saw two wild geese fly overhead. These semi arid regions must have once seen abundant wildlife.
A village woman stands outside her traditional house in Nighoj.



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