Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park

Probably nothing conjures to the mind more cinematic visuals than the thought of Death Valley National Park. And behind the morbid name is a large, beautiful piece of land with its own rich bio-diversity. A land of extremes, the Death Valley national Park has mountain peaks draped in winter snow and it has areas like … Read more Death Valley National Park

Visiting Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Thanks to the screening of our film ‘Bachelor Girls’ in San Francisco and Oakland, we were traveling in California. And no trip to California is complete without visiting its fabulous outdoors with Yosemite National Park on top on our list. Yosemite National Park lies in the Western part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the … Read more Visiting Yosemite National Park

Sequoia National Park: In The Snow

Sequoia Tree Trunk

One of our main excitement for visiting Yosemite National Park was getting to see  the Giant Sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron giganticum). These beautiful trees can grow to over 300 feet in height and about 30 feet in diameter, making them the largest living things by volume! And they are only found in select groves (most of … Read more Sequoia National Park: In The Snow