Fort Seengh Sagar : Probably The Most Romantic Getaway In Rajasthan

Soon after our lunch at Deogarh Mahal Palace, our warm and generous host, Veer Bhadra Singh Ji asked us what would we like to do? Of course, we would like to see around the place. He suggested we take a look at one of their hotel properties, Fort Seengh Sagar, in the nearby rural area. We were a bit sceptical, secretly wanting to rather walk around the city, photographing life. However, the drive to this fort mesmerised us as much as the fort itself. A small but lavish getaway, hidden inside the arid villages around Deogarh, Fort Seengh Sagar is a cocoon of romance and luxury. Once a hunting lodge of the local rulers, Seengh Sagar is surrounded by a water body, which swells up in the monsoons. The winters are drier, but a cozy bonfire keeps the emotions flowing. It’s a small ‘fort’, unlike most fort hotels of Rajasthan, and therein lies its attraction. With 3 large rooms, all individually designed, one can rent the entire ‘fort’. A terrace dining space makes the sumptuous meals more enjoyable under the clear desert skies. We reached here as one of our stops during our Rajasthan Roadtrip: Udaipur – Deogarh – Todgarh – Kumbhalgarh – Udaipur. Fort Seengh Sagar has won our hearts and hopefully we will be back these winters.

A terrace dining space overlooks the water body.
A cozy inner courtyard.
The inner dining space overlooks the lush green and cozy courtyard.
The small wetalnd around the Fort Seengh Sagar is also a very good birding habitat.
Dappled sunlight in the courtyard invites cozying up with a book.
The Fort Seengh Sagar is located deep within rural Deogarh.
The drive to Fort Seengh Sagar is as romantic as the stay itself.

[box type=”success” width=”100%” ]Getting There: Being located in a remote village, the only way to reach Fort Seengh Sagar is to reach the Deogarh Palace and ask the staff to escort you. Deogarh is accessible both by rail and road. It is on the National Highway No 8. By rail, it is on the Western Railway Route, between Udaipur and Marwar junction. Contact Details: Deogarh Madaria, District Rajsamand 313331, Rajasthan, India. Telephone : +91-2904-252777 / 253333[/box]

14 thoughts on “Fort Seengh Sagar : Probably The Most Romantic Getaway In Rajasthan”

  1. Loved the pictures. The idea of actually ‘renting’ a fort seems so interesting that I want to go there right now, ispite of the rising temperatures this summer. Great Read!

    Loved being here, will be back for more 🙂

    • Hi Akanksha! I am sure it will be wonderful just after the monsoons. The weather will be cooler and the waterbodies full!

  2. So, the fort must have been a royal property built during ancient times… I think if your mentioned a bit of history of the place the write up would havee been more near perfect because actually we are looking at Indian culture and heritage when we visit such places and that is sort of nice connection in this world where we have so much disconnect. I love the wetland around the fort, the dining terrace and also the architecture… goodday

  3. Sure looks like a romantic getaway but more than that it has a charm and a sense of yesteryears royalty and brilliance in the very look. The fort might have so many stories hidden in those brightly painted walls! Beautiful clicks… 🙂


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